The moment has come, the timing is perfect but where do you begin?

Selecting your partners dream ring can feel overwhelming. The pressure to get it just right for such a milestone moment. Here at Via Sollertia Jewellers we understand these pressures and have created a way to keep the romance and significance of a traditional, surprise proposal: The Nu Proposal.

'Nu' translates to nude in French. By proposing with the perfect diamond or gemstone you get a stripped back, stress free moment. It creates sentiment around a significant experience within your time together. The perfect stone is then displayed inside an eco-friendly and sustainable recycled Rimu box that opens up as a traditional ring box would so the one-knee question feels even more special.

She's said yes, what next?

Come in together and enjoy designing her dream ring around the selected gemstone. We involve you in every stage of the process from design right through to completed piece. Fully handmade on site, you get to take this step in your relationship together whilst knowing you are getting a ring specifically unique to her.

Via Sollertia Jewellers has a passion for desigining and crafting engagement and wedding rings to bespoke your design today.

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